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daily fun for busy families

create a deeper connection with the ones you love



take a break from your screens

work family time into your daily routine


truly connect with your family

The family time struggle is real y'all...

  • you're too busy with activities, sports, and homework

  • the planning is overwhelming and time consuming

  • getting your family off their screens is a challenge

No worries...we got ya covered!

activites on-the-go

short and sweet activities you can even do in the car on your way to activities

100% planned-for-you

the monthly calendar takes the burden of planning off your plate

engaging and fun

the activities are silly, fun, and spark conversations that your family will love

Start in 3 simple steps:

1.) start your free trial

2.) access your activities

3.) let the fun begin

What members are saying:

"A lot of times when my daughter gets home from school, she says 'What activity is on our calendar today, Mom?' I love that she looks forward to trying the different projects instead of only looking forward to screen time."

-Tess Dixon: mom of two
(ages 5 and 4 mos)

"It's super easy! The instructions are clear and the activity can be easy for a preschooler or more in-depth for an older or more 'crafty' kid."

-Stacey Sacco: mom of four
(ages 12, 8, 6, and 4)

"Doing the activities has sparked deeper, meaningful conversations with my husband and kiddos; they are helping us think outside the box and try new things."

-Amy Callear: mom of two
(ages 5 and 7)

I designed this program to be simple, bite-sized, daily nuggets of character education with an artistic edge. You can discuss them on the way to soccer practice, or piano lessons if you need to. They'll become part of your routine you'll love the deeper connections and bonds your family is forming in just as little as five minutes a day!

As a mom, I now truly understand how valuable my time is. I don't have a ton of time to waste clicking through the internet searching for fun activities I could do with my daughter. I get overwhelmed, end up pinning things for later, and never end up actually doing them. The worst part is, I end up feeling guilty that I didn't do them!

As a former art teacher I know first-hand that the arts and thinking outside the box are being pushed aside in order to memorize facts for standardized tests. It's more important than ever for kids to have opportunities in their homes to be creative, problem solve, and to practice being a compassionate human in this world.


When it comes to kids, it’s important to lay the foundation of a solid relationship early on. You want to get that dialogue and rapport going before the moody teenage years approach and peer pressure is running wild. Starting a dialogue about creative, silly, and sometimes serious topics with your children now will build a foundational relationship that will be priceless to you in the future.

You get your first month FREE...after that it's just 15 bucks a month.

"The days are long, but the years are short."  Gretchen Rubin

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